Wiadomośc od UR5LX
Otrzymałem dwie wiadomości od Sergeja UR5LX, które publikuje poniżej, za jego zgodą.
Dodam, że na pewno potrzebuje wsparcia. Jeśli ktoś chce mu pomóc, najlepiej wpłacić coś
na jego paypal ur5lx@ukr.net jako pomoc.
73's de Staszek SP6GWB
p.s. jeśli ktoś potrzebuje QSL od UR5LX proszę o kontakt
Hello dear Stanislav!
Thank you for your letter. The situation has not changed. While my status is a bum.
The good news is that the Kharkiv region has almost been liberated. But nothing has changed in my village.
Yesterday and the day before yesterday my village was shelled. My house is still intact. There is no electricity or communications.
Returning home is still very dangerous. We are waiting for this madness to end. Thanks again for your support.
73! Best regards, Sergei

Dear Stanislav, I am ashamed to talk about it.
The whole problem is whether I can return to my house or not. If not, then I need to look for another house. And it's expensive. I don't have that kind of money.
We do not spend all the money that I received from the help of friends. We save it for the worst times.
My letter can be published on the forum. If anyone wants to help through paypal, you need to indicate that this is help. Commercial transactions do not go through PayPal.
Thanks for taking care of me!
73! Sincerely, Sergey

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