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Koniec 3400MHz w HB9 od 2024 - SP2IQW - 08-12-2023

W zasadzie cała informacja zawarta jest w tytule, więc jak ktoś ma możliwości musi się spieszyć.
Oto treść oryginalnej wiadomości:

"Dear micro-wavers,

A few month ago I informed the MW community, that HB9 will lose 3400 MHz on 1.1.2024. In the meantime I had several requests to be QRV to give away HB9
before my special license expires 31.12.2023. I'm now at 99 initials.

The coming weeks are the VERY LAST chance to work HB9 on 3400 MHz. If you want to work me please contact me by e-mail: I'm QRV on request
only but will do my best to help you to work HB9. 

I run a 10m solid dish and 100W at the feed. You only need a minimal station to work me.

Vy 73, Dan HB9Q"