Układy pomocnicze do TRV Wavelab na 24 GHz
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Yesterday I ventured out to Butser Hill with my new CBBN 10GHz transceiver set up, along with a similar Wavelab module arrangement for 24GHz. The main purpose was to test on DATV, but first of all I used NB and my Langstone to establish the correct frequency (cheap eBay ADF4351 module) and then optimised the dish headings.
Over a 51km LOS path I exchanged 5/9++ FM signal with both Dave G8GKQ and Noel G8GTZ (slightly shorter path). With plenty of signal in hand we switched to DATV and also managed strong signals and excellent video.
Moving on to 24GHz with the 2 watt system and 30cm dish (using one of the Wavelab ODU units a very successful NBFM and also SSB QSO was completed with Noel, followed by DATV both ways. Swinging back to Dave resulted in successful DATV too.
Thanks to the guys over on who have worked out this module and provided all the useful info.
We also had a go on 5.6GHz DATV where Dave was able to receive my signal 40dB over the noise floor. TX was ExpressDVB Transmitter s/w on a Windows laptop, driving a Pluto into a Ferranti 10 watt amp connected to a Gibeon flat-plate 23dBi. Lots of gain and a very useful beam width such that two stations were able to receive me simultaneously despite their headings being 30 degrees apart.
I know today (Sunday) is a NB 24GHz and upwards contest, but my LO is too wobbly for SSB (refinements in progress). I will be out later in the year though.

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I am about to hit JLCPCB for some PCBs I am in need of, which among
other includes the support boards developed by SQ1GQC for Wavelab 24GHz
transverters as sold by Well-known Polish Surplus eBay Seller: breakout
boards converting those tiny 1.27mm pin headers into something more
usable, and a multi-voltage power supply meeting both RX and TX needs of
those transverters. Details of the boards: .

I only need these two for personal use so even if I stick with the
minimal order amount of 5 each, I will end up with a surplus - which I
will be happy to distribute further at cost. The breakout boards will be
bare, the PSU ones can either be bare or come populated with all the
parts which do not incur the extended-library labour charge (which
covers most - but sadly not all - of the smallest elements.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these, and in case of the
PSU whether you want a bare or a partly populated board! Once delivered
the PCBs will be available for collection in Cambridge, or I can simply
stick them in envelopes and post them as letters.

Marek M0JUR

Wygląda na to, że nasz rodak postanowił ponowić zamówienie na zasilacze do WaveLab,
warto na tym skorzystać !
73's de Staszek SP6GWB

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